Applying to become a Hyera Partner?
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What's your first name? *

Hey {{answer_25995699}} , thanks for applying to become a Hyera Partner!

Next up, what's your last name? *

Great; and what's the name of the company you're signing up? *

Is this the same email address you signed up to Hyera with? If it is things will be a whole lot quicker (and if you haven't already signed up then go do that now!)
Cool, does {{answer_25996012}} have a phone number we can call if we've got any questions? *

Where's the business based? Got an address? *

If your business is registered this must be the registered trading address (i.e. Hyera Adventure Ltd., Rockhopper House, Hampton, TW12 2RU, United Kingdom)
Now we know where you're based, is this where all the fun stuff happens, or do you operate in other places too? *

This doesn't have to be comprehensive, just a quick list of regions/countries in which you currently operate - or plan to operate - adventures
Reckon you could give us a run down of all the sports you offer?

We want to know all the sports you offer, even if they aren't currently listed on Hyera. Should we add them at a later date, we'll make sure you're the first to know.
First up - sky sports

Ok, any water sports?

Anything land or mountain based?

(Not snow stuff - that comes next)

What about snow sports?

Finally, any fitness sports or conditioning/training?

How long have you been operating or managing adventures? *

What rescue or first-aid qualifications do you or your team hold?

List any qualifications your team have that could be relevant in operating as an adventure provider
What's the value of your insurance cover?

Don't worry if you haven't got cover yet - we can help.  Please convert any international currencies to £ Sterling (

...and if you are; what's your Registered Tax Number?

i.e. VAT number (UK), ABN (Australia), TVA number (France), etc.
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